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I'm 24. My BFA is in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, emphasis on writing, although life circumstances mean I've done very little writing in the past year. I'm babystepping myself home. Currently I'm in community management and publishing for a video game company. It's fine. Long term I think I'm going to investigate a career in research or civil work and hopefully make it to grad school.
It Rains
I live outside of Boston with my fiance and our corgi puppy, Nellie, and my hamster, Augustus. They're all pretty great. We're getting married in October in an apple orchard here in Massachusetts. He works in video games as well, though he may be moving into tutoring/teaching. We're both a bit in career crisis at the moment.
In my free time, I read and knit a lot, and sew a bit, and do Irish Step Dancing. I dabbled in many things for a while (ballet, fencing, hip hop, etc.) but to save money, have cut most of the extracurricular for the year. I enjoy cooking and baking. I collect American Girl dolls (because I.am.adult.) and enjoy sewing and crafting for them. I play video games when I feel like it. The cold weather has me in a bit of a slump right now, to be honest . . .
I've got nothing more to say about myself! Who has this much to say about themselves?! Uh . . . I'm from Texas, and all my family is still there. Went to college in Boston and stayed here after. I love Boston, but want to live somewhere else before I settle back here for good. Goddamn do I miss warm weather though. I also miss having a colorful, rich online life. Maybe this will lead me back to it.
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